Veena Malik’s father severs all ties with the actress

With all the outrage in India as well as Pakistan over Pakistani model turned actress Veena Malik’s nude pic on Men’s FHM magazine, buzz is doing the rounds that the actor’s father Malik Mohammad Aslam has given an interview to British newspaper that he has severed all the ties with her.

Though Veena Malik has denied posing nude for the men’s magazine, the damage has already been done and her nude pic has evoked strong reactions from Pakistan. Veena Malik’s father has even gone ahead and said that if his daughter is found guilty, she should be punished severely, so that no other woman would think of doing such a thing. He further said that he cannot tolerate anything against his country and his faith, though he is her father.

Her father’s strong reactions have come as a shocker for Veena Malik but she chose to keep mum when her reaction was asked on this. Veena Malik had earlier told to the media that her family was always supportive of what she did, and it was only after their permission that she said yes to ‘Swayamvar’, which also created a controversy recently due to her nationality.

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