Mohan gets a chance to talk to Megha in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha television serial has been grabbing many eyeballs with its interesting storyline. And in today’s episode of the serial, you will get to see how ice will break between Mohan and Megha and they will be seen interacting with each other.

The episode will open with the scene where Vyas family will be seen having breakfast when Renu will taunt Megha about a certain thing. Sanjay will call Renu aside and will try to know about what happened between her and Megha. Sanjay will opinionate that Megha might be right in whatever she has said which will put off Renu.

Renu’s anger over Sanjay will reflect in her cooking as unintentionally she will add double the amount of red chilly powder in food. And, Megha will form an opinion that Renu has done it purposely and the two will pick up a fight over this.

Then, Saroj will enter the scene and will ask Megha to apologize to Renu. On hearing this from Saroj, Megha will get upset and will move to the garden. Megha will realize that Mohan also is sitting in the garden and that will be the moment the ice between the two will break.

Megha will be seen telling him about Amar whom she thought was a very decent guy and how after his sad demise some men came over and took away the papers related to the project. Mohan will appreciate Megha for her boldness and Megha will silently pass a smile to Mohan. The ice between the two will break and they will be seen interacting with each other.

To know how will the story unfold further, keep reading this section.

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