‘Fox Traveller’ gifts a ‘Bengali’ travel and lifestyle channel

Assessing a huge demand in the vernacular market of India and keeping in mind a huge viewership in the Hindi based version, ‘Fox Traveller’ has launched its latest version of the channel in Bengali.

Debaprita Banerjee, vice president of the ‘Fox International Channels’ (marketing) remarked on the occasion that going regional has always been their focus. The closer ‘Fox’ could get to the languages of the people, the easier it will be for the masses to understand them. She further stated that the main viewership of ‘Fox’ happened to be in Hindi. By launching Tamil and Bengali versions, ‘Fox’ would be consolidating their positions and will spend more time justifying these language feeds.

The last few months have seen some major infotainment and lifestyle based channels like Discovery, National Geographic, TV 18, History and TLC go vernacular in order to increase their audience base. The Fox Channel crew has also reported of an undisturbed audience base after the channel has gone with the regional languages.

Banerjee was also heard to say that the steps were made for making consumption more efficient and the channel was also aiming the youth’s attention. On being asked about the expanding program she added that the launch into different languages was done after keeping in mind the immense potential of the genre and the rapid growth in people’s interest in the travel industry.

The journey from ‘Fox History & Entertainment’ to ‘Fox Traveller’ has been remarkable and maybe the launch of the vernacular versions will make the road longer for the ‘Fox’ to travel.

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