Balika Vadhu – Jagiya sees Anandi in Mumbai

Anandi is in Mumbai. She helps an injured woman to reach hospital, where she meets Gauri. Gauri behaves extremely rude with Anandi and asks her to leave her and Jagiya alone. Anandi is about to leave the hospital when Jagiya sees her. He tries to talk to her, but Anandi refuses to talk to him. Jagiya gets angry and tells her that Gauri has no problem with him talking to her. He drags her to see Gauri, so that Anandi can understand the situation. However, Gauri is scared that Anandi might reveal her secret and she tries to cover her bad behavior with extremely sweet words.

In the next episode, Jagiya invites Anandi to his home. Gauri also insists that she stays and meets them later. When Anandi leaves, Gauri thinks to herself that it is good that Anandi will see their happy life and understand that Gauri has won and Jagiya’s family has lost.

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