Busy Aamir’s Focus on TV Debut, Slates Release of ‘Talaash’

The perfectionist Khan, Aamir who has just turned 47 a few days back, is busy with his small screen debut. He recently apologized to his fans regarding the delay in his much awaited movie, ‘Talaash’ and announced the film’s release in this December. Aamir’s show will focus on real life stories from across the country and will be aired on Star Plus channel.

Aamir says that he is quite elated about this TV show and he along with his team has been working on this since last two years. He even spent the entire day in shooting even on his birthday!

On his thriller movie, ‘Talaash’, Aamir says that it is also very dear to him. It was supposed to be released this January but then got delayed till June and now will be released in December. ‘Talaash’ is a thriller with Rani and Kareena female lead roles and is co produced by Aamir.

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